Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 3/100 of my challenge

Woo hoo 3 in a row for perfect day!!!!

90 mins of exercise (3 miles walking/jogging & wii cardio workout -golds gym),  I really didn't want to cause I felt so icky but I pushed thru again and got my 90 mins of exercise that I set for myself as a goal.

Proud to report that again 100% in my ranges for food and woo hoo only 720 sodium for the day!
That's awesome!!! I love when I keep my sodium low!!

I'm not feeling to hot so I'm gonna keep this short. My Eyes are running & nose is  pouring, serious sinus & head pressure, It moved out of my chest, praise God!! So I believe I'm on the mend it's just gotta work it's way out now.

See ya'll tomorrow!


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