Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1/100 of my challenge

I had a great first day, I'm not feeling well but forced myself to go to the park and walk/jog 3 miles. It was mostly walking because my lungs were on fire and I couldn't breath but I did do a half lap of jogging. Just kept pushing though!! WOO HOO 60 mins done

Came home and did 30 mins weight training and then later did 26 mins on my wii cardio blast workout game

116 mins today for exercise.

My food has been great,

I've gotten 13 glasses of water and met all of my ranges (Calories, Carbs, Fat Protien, Fiber & Sodium).

I'm giving day 1 a perfect 10. Felt great to not be faking it and really working to achieve my goals

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