Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cruise Recap!! We had fun

I had this huge blog written  but cannot find it so I'll just recap . We had a great cruise. I enjoyed it very much!! The children had a blast as well

Night before cruise (30th)

Day Before : rating 5. I made awesome choices, ate healthy, sparked 2 waitresses at Craker Barrel & I exercised for 3
0 mins on treadmill
30 mins on elliptical at the hotel

Day 1 Scale 1-5 I give myself a 4 - very mindful eating minus the black forest cake
Walked 1 mile on the track

Day 2 scale -1-5 I give myself a 2 It was formal night and lobster & shrimp were on the menu I know I consumed way too much fat,
Walked/Jogged 2 miles on Track of boat 30 mins
climbed stairs top to bottom for 30 mins on boat
30 min boot camp with trainers for exercise
_90 _ mins exercise day 2

Day 3  rate 3 had a calzone for lunch that I couldn't really track
Exercise 25 mins elliptical
                 35 mins treadmill (with jogging for 15 mins)

Day 4 ugh I give a 1, Ate way to much, went off the boat didn't log and didn't do any purposeful exercise just walking around Nassau & playing at beach

Day 5 I give a 4, I kept slipping up with the desserts. I would order mindfully until dessert time.
21 mins treadmill
30 mins boot camp again

When i got home I was up a few pounds  but I really think that was bloating from the excess sodium  from the food & the ocean water! (giggle) as of yesterday I was back to where I was before I left so it wasn't a "true" gain, just a temporary one!

Felt great to exercise and make use of the boat's equipment/facility's to ensure my journey was successful even while on vacation

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