Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time for the Cruise!!

We're driving down tonight to Jacksonville FL, spending the night in a hotel and then getting on the boat tomorrow! I'm so excited!!

 I want to prove that it's possible to loose weight on a cruise instead of like everyone has said "be prepared to gain".. Nope I want to prove them wrong and I will!

 I know it can be done, when I went to Disney World in April, I exercised, watched what I ate and lost 3 pounds while on vacation, so I'm determined not to let food control me on this boat, I plan to exercise daily and be very mindful of my eating, take the stairs instead of the elevators!

Hope you all have a great week full of great choices!!!

Don't forget to R.O.A.R

See you Saturday night with lots of pics from the cruise.

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