Thursday, October 14, 2010

No longer "EXTREMELY" OBESE!!!!!

Wow, I have to say that is actually thrilling!!

On January 1st 2010 My BMI was 49.6
(and the charts said a BMI greater than 40 is classified as extreme obesity" talk about depressing to not only be obese but to be EXTREMELY obese)

Today October 14th 2010 I proudly post that I have dropped 10 whole BMI numbers to 39.6 and have removed myself from extreme obesity to obese category.

271.2 starting
216.5 present

How awesome is that! I cannot imagine the years I took back by loosing this weight, and what about the health factors I've fixed by lowering my BMI!! WOO HOO such an awesome accomplishment!! I look forward to moving out of the obese catagory and will be busting my tail to make sure it happens!!!

So thrilling I had to share with you all


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