Saturday, September 25, 2010

My 5k today!! So proud of myself!!!

Let me back up beforehand and mention I had my March of Dime 3 mile walk this morning, I was debating NOT going, matter of fact I went to bed saying no I wasn't going because I'm REALLY sore from the two days prior exercises, even told my husband to shut the alarm off I was ok missing it. So I went to bed ready to give up a challenge.

However at 4:45 this morning, I woke up and said to myself "no I NEED TO GO" & I said to myself that hurting or aching or not, I need to be there, I need to do this walk and determined it was just "fat self" trying to get me back in my "old thinking ways" .. (you know what I'm talking about, I'm tired, I need a break, I deserve it, You worked hard, blah blah blah and then 1 day turns into a week, then a month...if you're on this journey you can relate I'm sure)..

So I decided to fight that and said, I"M GOING!!! I got myself ready, woke up everyone and off we went. BIG STEP overcoming "fat me"!!

Now onto the walk, There was an "ambassador" who led the race, so I didn't think we were allowed to "pass" so anyway, the race began and I was right behind her, and continued to stay at the front of the walk with the only person ahead of me being the "ambassador" of the race , I really really pushed myself walking at this gals pace was challenging but comfortable where I could keep up with her. Several times during the race she fell back behind me (ended up walking next to her) and I would pick up the pace to make her walk a bit faster! As far as I'm concerned I could have passed her and kept going, I felt so awesome!! We finished the walk side by side!!! WOW!!!

It was amazing, such a great feeling to know that I am now "LEADING" races,(or co-leading!:D ) instead of where I was in January when I could barely walk up the stairs from my car to my main floor. I have come so far on this journey and I'm proud of myself for sticking to it and really making the changes I needed. I am looking forward to my next 5k

I am just so proud of myself for doing the race and rocking it today on the track!!!!

Had to share!!!

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