Friday, September 24, 2010

Motivation Part 2.

From my previous blog I told everyone I was going on a cruise, well that has had me thinking, hmmm if I'm going to bust out all this exercise and work really hard, not only do I have the cruise to look forward to, I have NEW SMALLER clothes to look forward to.

So today (with the Captains Dinner in mind) I went and bought myself a beautiful navy dress that I will be able to wear by then (it's 2 sizes smaller than what I wear now I know that I will be successful in achieving this goal. I've hung it in my room so that every time I pass by it, I'm reminded what I'm working for. I'm so excited to reach this next milestone!!!

Ohh I also got a swiming suit in the same size for the cruise as well. It's hung next to the dress!!!

WOO HOOO! I'm so motivated! I've been ROCKING my exercise, being mindful of my food, as a matter of fact I lost all the "added" weight that I had from slacking. 6 pounds gone this week!!!

18 weeks 3 days till we set sail, I will TOTALLY accomplish my goals!

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