Tuesday, May 11, 2010

44lbs down!! Feel awesome!

44 pounds gone.. Only 1 from my anniversary goal!! Wooo hooo!!!! (Sunday 5.16 will be our 13th anniversary!!)

So excited to have come so far! In just over 4 months I have accomplished so much. Excited to see what the next 4 months bring!!

I began to set goals and work harder to acheiving them
I began jogging
I reached my first goals a week ahead of my schedule
I signed up for my first 5k
I jogged an entire mile
I participated in my first 5k
I beat my 5k goal time by 10 minutes
I've lost 2-3 pant sizes
I've gone from a 3x shirt to an XL or Large Shirt
I've lost 10 inches off my waist
I've lost 5 inches off my hips
I am accoutable for EVERYTHING I eat, regarless if I go over my calories or not, I still put it down
I feel like nothing is going to stop me and get in my way, and I KNOW that I will be successful on my final weight loss journey.
I've exercised over 7000 mins -- thats over 116 hours of hard work!
I've walked ( some jogging) 140+ miles in that time! WOW!

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