Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not Even Vacation will slow me down!

I am so proud of myself, we have been in Florida since Thursday at Disney and I have been so diligent in exercising and tracking my calories, drinking all of my water & staying within my calorie range!

The other day after walking about 7 hours around the Magic Kingdom, we came back to the hotel and the kids went swimming and I went to the fitness center, where I did 50 minutes of exercise!

Each day we've walked anywhere from 6-10 hours and I still come back and do something (swimming, walking, stair climbing etc). Even when I'm standing in the lines waiting for a ride I'll do something, like calf raises, squats (works great when I've got Ty piggy back), leg lifts etc... I don't really care if others think I'm nuts or not, I'm on a mission!! LOL
Yesterday at Animal kingdom while my family was on a ride I stayed back with Ty who wasn't big enough and the entire time they were in line I did "step aerobics" on a rock! I'm sure people thought I'd lost my mind but I didn't care, I wanted to work in a bit of cardio since I was just standing there anyway so up and down the rock I went for about 10 mins or so...

Here's my rock
 We go home on Thursday and I'm looking forward to seeing the scale and the results of my hard work!!

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