Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Over Coming my Emotions

Monday was a great day! With lots of great choices, Tuesday, the birthday part sucked, but I made good choices and REFUSED to let myself fall into the emotions that I normally do.

Normally when I'm sad or hurt I eat and eat and eat, just gorge myself with anything and everything I can find because that "makes me feel better" well just while I'm eating it but then after I feel worse so I'm doubly upset. Yesterday was very emotional but I refused to let myself loose control. I didn't want to jeopardize all that I've down by allowing myself to back slide down the "it's ok, you deserve it," path. I was even so torn and having a mental fight with myself, that I sat in my car, in my garage just sitting not going anywhere because I wanted to just run down to Checkers and stuff myself to make myself better.

Well, Shanny called me and re-affirmed "DO NOT DO IT", I was on the verge of caving in but Thank God she called to remind me of all the work I'd put into this week. So instead of going and getting a 1500+ calorie meal I went to KFC and ordered the 395 calorie meal , so I made good choices and ended the day proud of myself for mastering yet another obsticle along this journey. (thanks again Shan)

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