Monday, March 15, 2010


I just have to brag for a moment (ok maybe a few moments! LOL), as those of you who have been following my blog know that I have started jogging in small bursts, trying to build myself up and get stronger.

Yesterday, my husband, my children & I went the park where I could walk the path, while they played, so we walked and on one of the laps I told my husband, when we get back around I want to try and jog for as long as I can on the next lap, so we get to the sign and off I go, I haven't gone 30 seconds and could feel the burn, fat me wanted to stop and give up, but I pressed on, half way around the track is a small hill, that again fat me said "YOU CANT DO THIS" and I wanted to stop, well my husband must have realized I was about to stop and started encouraging me, saying "come on baby, you can get up this hill, push up this hill, you can do it" so I kept going, (all the while thinking OMG I CANT DO THIS!)

I get to the top of the hill and now I'm really ready to stop, but he keeps encouraging me and so I keep jogging, Now in my mind I'm thinking oh woah, I just jogged up a hill, oh woah, I can do this, but I'm having a battle in my mind, part of me saying "just quit, you can't and the other part saying YES I CAN watch me".. So we continue jogging down the path and I'm ALMOST to the end and thought about quitting again, but my husband said "come on baby, you've got this, finish it out.. don't quit" and you know what??


I jogged 1 full lap which was .33 of a mile in 4.5 minutes! I was and am so proud of myself, me at 242 pounds jogged a third of a mile!! 2 months ago I couldn't have jogged 30 seconds and now woo hoo look at me go!! Such a proud moment I had to share!!

I ended up jogging a few more times before we were done as well. I walked/jogged 3 miles yesterday and felt so so awesome!

Then after our walk/jog. We all played frisbee and catch with the nerf football. I tell you what it felt so good to be out playing with my kids and not huffing and puffing because I couldn't breath!!

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