Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am so thrilled to be on the right track to loosing weight and reaching my first "BIG" goal. As of this morning I only need 3.8 pounds to reach my 30 pound Disney World Goal.

Seeing that I'm SO close really motivates me to go go go even more because I want it so much. I realize having a (realistic) goal and working twords it has been whats been keeping me on track since January 1st. Knowing that I was going to Disney was enough of a motivation to get me up and get me moving. I cannot wait until I reach my 30lbs gone.. I just know I'm going to be jumping and dancing!!! I have 3 week until we go to Disney and I KNOW I will make my goals!!

Last night I added up all my "spark fitness minutes" to find out how many hours I've done since 1.17 when I first started exercising... 3915 mins /60 mins in a hour and exclaimed "HOLY MOLEY!! I've done 65.25 HOURS of exercise in less than 2 months! Oh my goodness WOW! That really made me so proud because I have WORKED my tail off for each and every pound that I've lost and I'm just so proud of myself!!!

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