Sunday, March 7, 2010

I can't believe it! I signed up for my first sport!!

I have never ever played any sport before as an adult, because I was to heavy, to self conscious, to lazy, to just whatever to even FATHOM that thought... Well they have been talking at church about woman's softball and I've been asked by a few if I was going to play, I said, welllllll I don't know.... And was going to just bow out gracefully.....

BUT.. in the last 2 months I have started finding the athlete that is hiding inside myself, I enjoy exercise, I enjoy jogging (yes even at 250 pounds ) so today they made the announcement to sign up and I proudly got up after service and put my name down on the list!! I felt AWESOME to finally make that first move out of my old habit's!!!

I feel so awesome, and so proud of myself, I will no longer let that "FAT ME" control me and my happiness, I will do things, I am strong, I don't need to sit on the sidelines, I can run, I can play and I can have fun!!! I'm just over the moon with myself for FINALLY doing something positive and so rewarding for ME!!


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