Friday, February 19, 2010

Theres a Runner inside of this 250lb person

Recently I have been setting goals to jog for a minute while on the treadmill, then go back to walking then jog, and so on, well the most I've EVER been able to jog in one spurt is 2 minutes and then I'm winded and huffing and puffing thinking I'm about to die. Well yesterday I decided to jog and said ok I'll go for 2 minutes, so I was nearing the 2 minutes and felt great so I said ok I'll go to 3 minutes, same thing got to 3 and said hey I feel good still, not dying at all so I'll go to 5 minutes..

Well I got to the 5 min mark but was over by 10 seconds when I looked down and decided to just finish the minute off; so me, this now 250 woman (after my 21lb loss) jogged for SIX MINUTES STRAIGHT! I was so proud of myself!! I felt like I conquered a huge goal!!

But, then later I got to thinking, hey I wasn't hurting at 6 minutes and I could have easily kept going but I just stopped, so I was a bit disappointed that I just gave up, like my "fat mind" was taking over telling me I couldn't do it when in fact I really was!!!! Today when I'm on the treadmill, I'm not going to listen to the "fat, I can't self" but in fact, will continue until I'm done... no giving up just because I'm at a certain minute, I'll go until my body says stop, not my mind

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